Aya was featured in the February Empowered & Poised Newsletter

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Aya Garcia Shlachter is the founder and driving force behind MG Shlachter LLC, an Architectural Design and Support Services Company. Aya is also the founder of Tablea Chocolate, a Philippine based chocolate company with a global mission to introduce Filipino chocolate to the world as well as promote and empower local cacao-growing communities. 

What makes Aya Empowered & Poised? As a female entrepreneur, wife and mother, Aya is a hands-on mom and makes it a priority to spend quality time with her family. She believes that maintaining a work-life balance is key to health and happiness in life. 

Check out the Life of an Empowered & Poised Female Blog HERE!

About the Author

About the Author

Aya Shlachter is the CEO and founder of MG Shlachter. MG Shlachter provides consulting and production services in the built environment to clients worldwide. The company specializes in the hospitality and retail sectors. Aya is a Filipino-American architectural consultant, urban designer, businesswoman and resource speaker.

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